Sexual Fetishes

The thing with most fetishes is that they are enjoyable...

Do you have a sexual fetish that you are having difficulty in controlling, or that is unwelcome in your relationship or sex life? 

Hypno-Psychotherapy and Counselling can help to bring your fetish under control in a safe and accepting environment. 

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Many fetishes are not a problem, and can enhance your sexual enjoyment, but if your partner isn't experiencing that same level of enjoyment, it can put strain on relationships, or lead to feelings of sexual isolation or unfulfillment.

There are a range of therapies available, whether you want to be free of your sexual fetish, or simply discuss it in a neutral, supportive environment.

Please don't be embarassed to contact me about your sexual fetish. I am very experienced at helping people to deal with their deepest inner emotions and desires, and all contact is confidential.